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I would literally eat pound cake out off TRACEE ELLIS ROSS’S ASS!

"The trophies represents all of the sacrifices i made as a kid, all the time that i lost, being on the road in the studios as a child. And i just wanna blow that shit up. I have alot of awards, and i have alot of those things and they’re amazing and i worked my ass to get those things. But nothing feels like my child singing "Mommy", nothing feels like when i look in my husband in the eyes, nothing feels like when i’m respective when i get on the stage and i see i’m changing people’s lives. Those are the things that matter. Enjoy your life, it’s short."

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Yum to that sub

#OscarDeLaRenta dies 82 #Fashion #LEGEND #GetYourLife

Go Tyra



Their power is built on the sweat of our backs. The only reason you and I in this country is ‘cause our great-great-grandpas couldn’t run fast enough. We’ll never be welcome here. — Marie Laveau (3x07)

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